The practice of immigration law most often concerns the personal, human needs of individuals, families or organizations filing petitions for individuals. In this regard, although we provide professional legal services, the practice of immigration law is effectively quasi-social work, just like family law. The vast majority of immigration matters concern variations on a theme, such as the actual or imminent separation of one family member from another; reunification of spouses or children with their parents and fiancés with their soon-to be partners; persons suffering from the effects of persecution or torture, anxious about placing their lives in the balance of a legal system as they seek asylum in the United Stets; or the eager anticipation of expectant parents, having adopted a child from overseas.
No matter what the issue, we always strive to provide competent, fairly-priced legal services. We aim to advocate effectively for our clients to lessen or obviate altogether the friction between our clients and a huge, largely indifferent bureaucracy of the USCIS or Department of State. Awareness of actual or potential legal issues; careful attention to detail; and respectful attention to our client’ human needs are essential when negotiating the maze of filing petitions and applications with the USCIS or immigration court and seeing the process through to a successful conclusion.